Bike to Work Day - An Annual Event

Bike to Work Day represents a unified day of celebration across the United States where the nation comes together to celebrate the bicycle – as a mode of transportation, a fun way to explore your city, get to work or just get around unique neighborhoods in the town you call home.

Considering that 40% of all trips are less than 2 miles away from your ultimate destination, Bike to Work Day is a greater part of Bike Month, celebrated during the month of May, when Houstonians are challenged to rethink how they commute to the places they live, work or play.

Questions - Where are you going? How do you get there? Stuck in traffic? How can you change your routine with a bicycle? Is there a bus near you? A trail? Or a train? Where can your bike take you, today? These are all questions we should consider not only for ourselves but for the betterment of all Houstonians!

- Bike Riding. Whether or not you personally ride a bike at present, you may have ridden one in the past, have children who ride or have friends who train for one of the various long-distance rides hosted throughout the year. Chances are you already own a bike, but it’s sitting in your garage and, well, you just don’t know how to get started or may feel intimidated by the roadway itself. What are the laws associated with biking? Is it safe to bike? Is bike riding a part of Houston’s culture? What do I have to wear when I bike?

- Don’t Worry. You’re not alone! During Bike Month, the City of Houston works with area partners to develop rides and other activities to help you answer these questions. More importantly, these events help by providing a support system so that you can feel comfortable trying to bike, perhaps for the first time.

Progess - In 2014, Bike to Work Day attracted less than 50 riders. In 2016, this event attracted over 3 times that amount. The City of Houston also worked to promote other Bike to Work Day events and rides including events by or for the Texas Medical Center, Greenway Plaza area, the Galleria, the Energy Corridor, NASA, Sugarland and the Woodlands. Click here to see full list of 2016 rides.

2016 Highlights

This year, we continued our annual Director’s Challenge in which City department directors are challenged to get City employees out and riding. In 2016, we had representatives from departments such as Parks & Recreation, Public Works & Engineering and the Planning Department, to name a few.

During the last week of the competition, the Department of Health and Human Service came out strong and took home the 2016 Golden Trophy award for its high level of participation! Congratulations to Director Stephen L. Williams and his amazing staff. It is an honor well deserved!!

Bike to Work day image.

Other highlights include Yoga hosted by the YMCA and a fashion show hosted by local partner, BikeHouston. The winner of the fashion show wonfor the category of “every day dress” and was decked out in a stunning (COLOR) dress, close-toed shoes and a stylish sling handbag. Our winner got to take home a goodie bag from event sponsor, Bike Barn. Well done!

2017 Preparation:

Host a Bike Ride or Event! Houston is the 4th largest city in the United States. We need your help! If you or your organization is interested in hosting a bike ride or event, please do not hesitate to contact the Houston Bikeway Program at any time to learn more. We are happy to provide any information we can or connect you to one of our various partners.

Become a Sponsor! This event is growing annually and the Houston Bikeways Program is always looking for support! Please send all inquiries to with the subject heading “BTWD Sponsor Request”.

Volunteer! Become a Bike Wrangler or event volunteer by sending an email to with the subject heading “Bike Volunteer Request”.

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