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lamar exhibitThe Lamar Cycle Track is a two-way dedicated bicycle facility that extends from Bagby Street to La Branch Street and provides a nearly three-quarter-mile bicycle connection between Sam Houston Park and Discovery Green park. In 2017, the facility was extended to provide connections to the Buffalo Bayou Trails that run adjacent to Allen Parkway.



What is a two-way Cycle Track?   

Lamar Cycle Track Extension MapTwo-way cycle tracks are separated bicycle lanes that allow bicycle travel in both directions on one side of the road. They are frequently used on one-way streets and provide dedicated, protected space for bicyclists. Cycle tracks have been shown to increase bicycle use by providing an attractive route that is comfortable for bicyclists at all levels and ages. Furthermore, early research has indicated that cycle tracks may offer safety benefits over other types of bicycle facilities.

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Instructions – How to use a Cycle Track

Riding a bike

Be cautious when crossing intersections. Follow bicycle signals. Wait for the green bike symbol to illuminate indicating when it is appropriate to enter an intersection.
• Watch for turning vehicles when approaching intersections and driveways. Don’t assume vehicles will yield.
• Yield to pedestrians and wheelchair users who may be crossing the street.
• Watch for cyclists approaching from the opposite direction. . This is a two-way Cycle Track.
• Before passing another bicyclist, be sure opposing bicycle traffic is clear. As you pass, be sure to state in a clear and audible voice “on your left” to communicate that you will be passing.
When not  passing, stay to the right and allow other users to pass safely.


• Don’t block or stand in the cycle track.
• Don’t walk along the cycle track.
• Watch for people on bicycles before crossing the cycle track. Be sure to check both ways for bicycles traveling in both directions before crossing.
• Use cross walks at intersections to cross a cycle track. Pedestrian signals will display a walk symbol when it’s safe to cross. Bicycle signals will show a green bike symbol when bicycles have priority.


• Parking as well as loading and unloading of commercial vehicles is not allowed in the cycle Track. Cycle tracks are for bicycle use only
• Don’t drive in a protected bike lane. You can turn across a protected bike lane at intersections, but you must yield to people riding bicycles first.
• Take extra caution and look both ways before turning across the bike lane at intersections, driveways and alleys.
• Watch for people on bikes traveling in both directions in two-way protected bike lanes.
• Remember: through-moving bicyclists in the cycle track have the right-of-way at uncontrolled intersections, driveways and alleys.


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Lamar Cycle Track


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