The resources below can help you plan your trip and learn about existing and proposed facilities.

Houston Bike Plan Map:  Check out the city’s greater system map.  See what facilities exist and how comfortable they are to ride today.  Programmed projects, or projects that are scheduled to be implemented through the City’s CIP or through other partnerships, are identified as well as those corridors the City would like to see a bicycle facility on once funding and other community support are identified. 

  • Bike Plan System Map: Link
  • Houston Bike Plan (How/Why the Map was made):  Link

Project Resources within City of Houston:  Developers, Engineers, Planners, private citizens, etc.

  • Houston GIMS: Managed by Public Works & Engineering, portal data as it pertains to the planning, technical and operational data, and other stored as spatial and geographic data which may be viewed and/or downloaded for use.  Link
  • Houston Consolidated Transportation Plan: Managed by the Planning & Development Department, portal data as it pertains to area plans, recommendations and associated development plats, and other which may be viewed and/or downloaded for use. Link

Bike Parking within City of Houston:

  • Houston Bike Rack Stations:  Coming Soon!
  • Houston B-Cycle Station Map:  Link

Plan Your Trip:

Regional Resources:

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